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The SKIMMER Enhanced Carry Trigger System is engineered from the ground up specifically for critical use. Manufactured using 100% OEM parts that are hand polished to a mirror finish, The SKIMMER offers both precision and reliability when the shot counts.

The hand refined, and carefully mated contact surfaces of The SKIMMER reduce friction and result in a smooth take up, transitioning to a predictable wall, and clean break. Our unique pre-travel reduction modification reduces the ‘slack’ at the beginning of the trigger pull and is non adjustable for consistency and reliability.


The SKIMMER Enhanced Carry Trigger system is available for most generations and models of Glock handguns including:

Gen 1-4 9mm/.40/.357 Models

17, 19, 22, 23, 26, 27, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35

Gen 3-4 10mm/45ACP Models (not GAP or G36)

20, 20SF, 21, 21SF, 29, 29SF, 30, 30s, 30SF, 40, 41

Gen 5 9mm/.40 Models (including MOS)

17, 19, 19X, 22, 23, 26, 27, 34, 45, 47


For Slimline 43, 43X, and 48 Click HERE



  • Completely assembled, drop-in trigger system consisting of:
    • Polished and enhanced trigger bar with smooth trigger shoe
    • Trigger housing w/ polished ejector
    • Polished minus “-“ connector
    • Polished Trigger spring
  • Polished Firing Pin Safety and Spring
  • Polished OEM Firing Pin Spring
  • Replacement Spring Cups


5.5 lb connector available on request. For more info click HERE