ds_imageTrigger control is weapon control...the pressure applied to the trigger face by the index finger must be independent of the rest of the hand. If not, the inter-limb action of the remaining fingers will take the muzzle off target and there is nothing that will invoke this convulsive hand action like a poor trigger. The Glock factory trigger is better than most, but it can certainly be improved and that is exactly what Jeff Wilson and the guys at Glocktriggers.com accomplish. They take Glock OEM trigger components and turn them into an action that will enhance performance regardless of whether you are competing or fighting. No fitting, grinding, polishing or filing...just pull out the factory trigger and install theirs. Shooting skill cannot be purchased but the journey to mastery can be made easier by installing a trigger from Glocktriggers.com

- Dave Spaulding
Handgun Combatives LLC 2010 Law Enforcement Trainer of the Year

Put the "Guardian" in one of the new FDE Glock 17s...love it.You can quote me on this one...."If you want a great Glock trigger, the "Guardian" Trigger is as good as it gets... Until we release the new HACKATHORN Tactical Trigger System."

- Ken Hackathorn
US Army Special Forces Small Arms Instructor, Gunsite Instructor, and NRA Police Firearms Instructor

Robert Vogel is a 11-time National Champion across 3 disciplines of pistol shooting and is currently ranked among the best in the world. Aside from this he is also a full time Police Officer and SWAT team member. Being of a very select group who possess both world class shooting skills as well as real life practical experience Robert has a lot to offer in terms of "what works and what doesn't."

Haley Strategic Skimmer Trigger Review

Glock owners can update their existing everyday carry pieces and know that their handgun’s trigger is every bit as nice or nicer than the current crop of new service pistols, such as the Heckler and Koch VP series, the SIG P320 or Walther PPQ.

- Guns.com

I should just start this off by saying – I’m a GLOCK guy. I love GLOCKs. So this review will be coming from that standpoint. If your coming from a 1911 standpoint or you just want to read a great review, MaxVenom did a review HERE.
When I first thought about getting a handgun, everyone I talked to told me to get a GLOCK. I didn’t listen and I bought an FN pistol because I wanted (thought I needed) a physical safety and in my inexperience I thought the GLOCK didn’t fit my hand. READ MORE

EDGE Competition Trigger System Review from Guns & Ammo

Among the most widely debated Glock modifications is the trigger mechanism. Glock factory triggers are widely accepted for their reliability and safe function in an everyday carry or service weapon, and it’s completely reasonable for some people to refrain from tinkering with the standard 5.5-pound trigger. However, those who demand superior trigger performance should check out the complete drop-in kits from GlockTriggers.com. They offer several trigger systems depending on your particular objective. Specifically, the EDGE Competition Trigger System is an IDPA-and USPSA-approved kit, which can easily improve your rankings in future matches. Performance enhancements of the EDGE Trigger System are immediately noticeable when dry-firing, and translate into obvious improvements at the range. Smooth, consistent travel from the first pull until the breaking point eliminates the grainy response from the factory trigger. The lighter 3.5-pound break enables a more delicate squeeze without drawing the muzzle off target—and faster follow-up shots are possible with a short, crisp reset. With a little practice, double-tap groups become tighter and land more consistently in the “A” box on USPSA silhouettes. The all-inclusive EDGE System includes: a smooth trigger and polished trigger bar which are modified to reduce pre-travel; a lighter 3.5-pound polished connector; a trigger housing with simple over-travel adjustments; an OEM trigger spring and firing pin safety; Wolff reduced power 4-pound and 4.5-pound firing pin springs; Wolff firing pin safety spring; and extra OEM spring cups. That sounds like a major project, but I was able to install the entire system in about 15 minutes while following along with the installation video on GlockTriggers.com.

Guns & Ammo
Read more: http://www.handgunsmag.com/2013/07/17/8-popular-drop-in-glock-mods/#ixzz2addYk0tz

Thanks for all your help in filling me in on the "Edge" trigger for my 21SF. Got it and a few other goodies for my 21SF along with a Lyman trigger pull gauge. With the edge kit installed, my trigger went from about 6lbs. 5 oz. to 2lbs. 4 oz. It's simply an amazing and IMHO, the best IDPA ESP/CDP and USPSA limited legal trigger kit that you can buy. Virtually no pre-travel, zero over travel, and nice and crisp. I've been more than happy to pass this info on to folks inquiring about it since last Saturday when I shot our local IDPA match and will continue to spread the word.Thanks again Jeff. -

Brad W. Jesup, GA



"First off I would like to say how impressed I am with your customer service. I received the "Edge" trigger group for .40 G4 in record time and I did not have to spend a fortune in shipping to get it in 3 days. I opened the package and the first thing I get is a personalized (with my name and your signature) letter with all of the specifics I need to get me started. I sat down this morning and re-watched the video and read the install .pdf (complete with safety check info as well) and within 15 min I have my new trigger installed. The trigger feels great I compared it side by side with my carry gun and there is such a noticeable improvement. I can’t wait to get it (my first comp gun build by the way) on the range. Thanks again for a great product and a great company to back it up. I think I could have spent a lot more somewhere else but I doubt I would have gotten anything better or any better customer service."

- LEE, South Carolina

"Got my Guardian Trigger kit today and quickly installed it. Wow! It is everything I had hoped and more! My long search for the "perfect" Glock tactical trigger is finally over... I couldn't be more satisfied... I'll definitely be back! Thanks for a truly great product"

- Mark A. ("Smoke") Borup
USN Retired Tuson, AZ

"I just got the challenger this week and shot it in IDPA yesterday. All I can say is wow, its such a great improvement over the stock trigger and it really shines when it comes to long range head shots. It has made transitioning from a 2011 to stock pistol a breeze and now I cant wait to try the Vogel set up."

- Steven L.
Combat Arms Instructor, Fort Dix NJ

"Out-friggen-standing. I am a new shooter to USPSA and picked up a Glock to use as a means to see if I liked it or not. After a few matches i had the urge to buy something that would allow me to shoot faster then my stock glock wanted me to go. I got My USPSA magazine in the mail and a week after reading the article on your challenger kit I had it in my hands.I was surprised that the kit arrived in 3 days like the article mentioned but was truly amazed at what a difference the trigger kit made to my shooting. I put 250 rounds through my Glock 17 Gen 4 without a single issue. My shot pairings were quicker at 25m then they had been at 5 with the stock setup. I cant wait to make a match with the new pistol."

- Bill D.

"Your Glock trigger has made all the difference with my Glock 29 and it is now a real pleasure to shoot. It has enhanced its controllability and I am able to deliver fast and accurate hits even with "hot" factory loads."

- Bob Pilgrim
Bob has written several articles for Industry Publications Check out some of his outstanding work at : http://www.tactical-life.com/online/author/bobpilgrim/