Law Enforcement / Military / Firefighter Discount

Contact: adam@glocktriggers.com from your Dept. / Agency / or .mil email BEFORE ordering to get the discount info. Discounts cannot be applied after orders are placed.

Q. What is the difference between the 'Skimmer' and the 'Guardian'?

A. The 'Skimmer' has reduced pre-travel and the 'Guardian' has the same pre-travel as a stock pistol. Both are 'Carry' trigger systems. Both use 100% OEM parts we modify for optimal performance and reliability. They both are used by LE / MIL / Agency / Civilian.  

Q. Do you make Trigger Systems for .45cal or 10mm?

A. Yes. they are now available online for all of our products. (No GAP or model 36).  

Q. What is the difference between the 'Vogel' and 'Edge'?

A. The 'Edge' has reduced pre-travel and the 'Vogel' has the same pre-travel as a stock pistol. These are 'Competition Only' trigger systems and should not be used for 'Carry'  

Q. Do you have a 3.5 lb. trigger system for 'Carry'?

A. Our 'Carry' trigger systems start at approximately 4.5 lbs. in Gen 3 pistols and are slightly heavier in the Gen 4 models. our 'Carry' triggers systems are made from 100% factory parts.  

Q. What weight trigger pull can I expect from your 'Competition Trigger Systems'?

A. They start at approximately 3 lbs. (the lightest we recommend for competition) and can be incrementally increased in weight by using the included spring sets and or over-travel adjustment. The heavier springs offer better ignition reliability over a variety of ammo and provide a more positive reset.  

Q. What can I do to help prevent 'light strikes'?

A. Hard primers are usually the cause of most 'light strikes'. To help prevent this you can increase the spring weights incrementally with the firing pin springs provided. Use softer primers when reloading or considering ammo purchases. Purchasing an aftermarket lightened firing pin may help. Cleaning the firing pin channel may resolve this. Note: Residue and debris can build up behind the breach wall. Be sure not to use too much oil on your Glock. Reference your owners manual for proper lubrication points.  

Q. Do all of the safeties function with your Trigger System installed?

A. Yes. All of the safeties are functional on ALL of our products.  

Q. Can I return the Trigger System if I am not satisfied with it?

A. Yes. Our 'No Risk' return policy states; you have 30 days to return any (UNUSED/UNFIRED) trigger system you are not satisfied with. You may have the trigger installed and Dry Fire Only. Returns need to be in original packaging with ALL parts returned. We must be notified by email that you are sending the product back. Contact: adam@glocktriggers.com

Q. Do you offer a standard "5.5" connector option

A. Yes. All of our trigger systems are assembled using a polished OEM minus "-" connector. If you prefer less reduction in trigger pull weight you can request that a standard connector be installed in place of the minus connector. This option is generally only needed for LE to comply with department policies or for those looking for a trigger pull weight closer to stock while gaining the benefits of enhanced consistency, precision,  and accuracy offered by our trigger systems. If you would like this option simply enter your request in the "Order Comments" field during checkout.