Trigger Control or Mind Control

Posted by Adam Hjermenrud on May 10th 2019

A legend of the firearms industry once said “Marksmanship is simple, but it ain’t easy.” Although I can't recall who said it, I have repeated these words to a multitude of students over the years and … read more

Out With the Old and In With the New

Posted by Adam Hjermenrud on Mar 5th 2019

 Many years have passed since I purchased my first carry gun, a used Generation 2 Glock 19. The previous owner had gotten the slide refinished a matte electroless nickel (said to be hard chrome a … read more

Ken Hackathorn's Thoughts on Glock Handguns

Posted by Adam Hjermenrud on Jan 11th 2019

Ken Hackathorn gives us an insight on his history with Glock handguns along with his opinions on modifications to the platform.Ken writes,Upon pressure from Pete Kokalis, then small arms editor for ‘S … read more "Edge" Competition Trigger System

Posted by Adam Hjermenrud on Dec 12th 2018 Founder of, Jeff Wilson, gives an account of how "The Edge" competition trigger system was developed."When we star … read more