DISCLAIMERS OF LIABILITY/WARNINGS/LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY: The use and/or misuse of this after-market manufactured trigger (the “Product”) may result in serious personal injury, wrongful death and/or property damage. Noble Ventures, LLC, a Kentucky limited liability company, as the manufacturer of the Product, assumes no liability for any types of damages whatsoever (whether direct, indirect, incidental and/or consequential), express or implied, to the“Purchaser” of this Product and /or to any third party using a firearm with this Product, whether with or without the consent of Purchaser, with respect to the use, misuse or abuse of this Product and /or firearm. This trigger system must be installed only by a gunsmith and /or by a competent individual and /or company who is thoroughly knowledgeable with the function and safeties of Glock® handguns. Noble Ventures, LLC, is an independent after-market manufacturer, is not a licensee of Glock, Inc., a Georgia corporation (“Glock”); there is no sponsorship and /or legal affiliation between Glock and Noble Ventures, LLC; and there is no express or implied approval and/or recommendation by Glock for any owner of a Glock® firearm to use the Product. Under no circumstances shall Noble Ventures, LLC be liable for any malfunction or manufacturing defect in any firearm manufactured by Glock (or by any other manufacturer) and, furthermore, Purchaser (and/or any third party discharging the firearm with the Product) assumes any and all risks in the use of the Product with a Glock® or other manufacturer’s firearm. There is no warranty, whether expressed or implied,including a warranty of merchantability or a warranty of fitness for a articular purpose, with respect to the use of this Product. The processing of any claims regarding workmanship shall be at the discretion of  Noble Ventures,LLC, with Purchaser’s remedy solely being limited to the replacement of the Product and /or a refund of the purchase price of the Product.