Ken Hackathorn’s Thoughts on Glock Handguns

Ken Hackathorn and Glocktriggers’ Adam Hjermenrud at a class in Ohio.

Ken Hackathorn gives us an insight on his history with Glock handguns along with his opinions on modifications to the platform.

Ken writes,

Upon pressure from Pete Kokalis, then small arms editor for ‘Soldier of Fortune’ magazine I got my first Glock 17 pistol in early 1986. I have to admit that I was not very impressed with it, and never thought it would become popular. Today it is the world standard for service pistol use. Annual production numbers of Glocks dwarf all other manufactures’.  I  have been somewhat vested in the small arms training business for over 40 years. I have witnessed the rise in popularity of the Glock product line to the point that it is the leading pistol design in the 21st  Century. Lots of other companies have entered the polymer service pistol market, and while many of these designs are very fine pistols……none remotely threaten the  sales of Glock world wide.

I have always believed that an instructor should use the same weapon that the students are using. So, I have become very comfortable with either a G17 or 19 in my holster. A self defense handgun must be reliable. Here is where the Glock 9X19mm pistols really excel over all other designs.  I have trained a few folks using Glocks in my day, and one the observations I have made is that if a Glock does malfunction, it is probably the fastest and easiest pistol to clear. Generally an immediate action drill (tap-rack-bang) will get the Glock back into action with most common feed way failures.

Assuming your pistol is reliable, the only critical requirements to using it well is the need for good sights and a trigger you can manage well. Sadly the Glocks first marketed had plastic sights that were not very rugged and were easily damaged. The selection of aftermarket sights is quite vast with many really good sight combinations available. Years ago I talked Rick Callahan of Ameriglo sights to make a set of sights that met my needs. His ‘Hack’ sights remain one of his best sellers. Latest Gen5 Glocks (the best Glocks ever made) are now available with Ameriglo ‘Bold or Agent’ sights. They are superb. All the ‘cool kids’ have embraced the mini red dot pistol sights. Fads come and go……I think the red dot sight for pistols is the wave of the future. But, when you add up the pluses of current designs with minuses, I’m not ready to wade into that swamp just yet.

Ken Hackathorn’s Signature trigger system available exclusively at

Besides good sights, you need a good trigger. With a Glock, the trigger has always been a good and bad  marriage. Most of the good shooters I know have learned the Glock trigger pretty well. I see many folks run the Glock with skill levels that are outstanding. I have run Glocks from every Generation. Gen 1 Glocks actually had pretty good triggers and if you had been a double action revolver shooter, the first G17’s were easy to transition to. Gen 4 Glocks in my experience were the worse trigger pulls…which is what led me to Jeff Wilson and Using factory stock parts, he came up with a trigger system that was tuned to perfection and produced a really good trigger. Jeff’s right hand man Adam Hjermenrud is a magician with Glock triggers and their trigger systems are what I use and recommend.

In the last few years I have started to see more problems with Glocks than ever before. First was the issue of the Gen4 pistols. Fortunately Glock has corrected most of the faults that the Gen4 possessed. None the less, my personal experience with Gen4 Glocks has left me cold. The new Gen5 Glocks are to the other extreme, they are the best Glocks I have ever used and recommend over all others. The operator error that is most prevalent is the practice of installing a light striker spring to get a light trigger pull. Don’t do it unless your gun is only used as a paper punch and you use only Federal primers. Even then don’t be surprised if you get an occasional click instead of a bang.

Of all the things that I have experienced and observed that caused issue with the Glock design is the fact that for many shooters (myself included) when wearing gloves it is common to not get the trigger safety lever fully depressed and not be able to fire the gun. Sometimes you can kind of muscle your way through the trigger pull, but the hit will generally be not what you want. While I don’t suffer this problem when not wearing gloves, combine cold hands and gloves and the first shot can be an issue. Seems to be a problem whether you use a standard or flat style Glock pistol trigger. Kind of like getting the grip safety on a 1911 pistol depressed when in a hurry.  Getting a really good grip on the pistol when first grasping the pistol in the holster seems to really help, but cold hands and gloves often times will compromise this function. Again more of an operator error than gun oriented flaw, but it does continue to haunt me and many other shooters I see trying to run the gun with gloves.

I look at much of the ‘custom touches’ currently being done to Glock pistols with amusement. I get the fact that for many folks this look is ‘cool’. But I do not want extra holes and slots in my slide. The one in the front and the one on the top seem to be enough for me.

Until the next time, good shooting and stay safe.

Vogel vs Edge Competition Trigger

5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Glock Trigger

5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Glock Trigger


Glock handguns do not deliver the precision of a Swiss timepiece.

You might expect more from a firearm that is one of the top selling handguns in the world and used by the majority of U.S. law enforcement agencies. Let’s explore the advantages of upgrading your factory trigger to a GlockTriggers custom trigger system.



Most Glock factory metal trigger parts are manufactured using a process called stamping. This process yields parts with edges that would only be expected if an angry beaver had created them. The jagged edges and contact surfaces cause the parts to skip and drag, producing an unpredictable feel with erratic tension throughout the trigger pull.


Using GlockTriggers’ proprietary process, the rough edges are refined. The result is highly polished surfaces that glide freely and produce an immediate noticeable improvement in the smoothness and consistency of the trigger pull.



Glock factory parts produce a long take-up, mushy break and an excessive amount of over-travel. This is less than optimal when a situation calls for speed.

Many of the GlockTriggers models, such as Skimmer, Edge and G43 RP, feature our proprietary pre-travel reduction modification. This eliminates nearly half of the take-up experienced at the beginning of the trigger pull.  Our Vogel and Edge competition models include an adjustable overtravel stop, which shortens the reset and allows for faster follow-up shots.



Accuracy is the ability to perform a task consistently and precisely. When shooting for accuracy, you strive to create the smallest group possible on the target. Your trigger must function in the same way each time it is pressed.

GlockTriggers smooth take-up, crisp break and travel reduction modification assist the operator in reducing pre-shot muzzle movement. The factory trigger’s inconsistent long travel can rob the most experienced shooter of their optimal potential for accuracy.



The “Safe Action System” of Glock handguns is one factor that launched them to their legendary status in the industry. “The Other Guys” manufacture aluminum parts using features and specs that focus more on marketing than on maintaining the original Glock trigger design.

GlockTriggers systems are built with 100% OEM (factory) parts.  The utilization of factory parts in ALL of our trigger systems ensures proper function and reliability. We test every individual trigger in a Glock pistol to ensure that all safeties function as intended.



What good is it to own a firearm that is no fun to shoot? The most often heard complaint about Glocks is that the triggers are spongy, creepy and not operator friendly.

Our customers report that upgrading to a GlockTriggers custom trigger system has boosted confidence in their shooting ability, has helped to improve their marksmanship and they now enjoy their range time more than ever.