OEM Triggers vs Flat Face Triggers

OEM vs. Flat Face Triggers

Why OEM Triggers Win Against Flat Face Triggers

Our customers occasionally ask this question:

“Do you have flat face triggers?”  

Many polymer-framed handguns, including Glock, come from the factory with a curved trigger. There is a recent trend to replace this factory trigger with an “after-market” flat face trigger.

On a firearm that has a sliding trigger, such as the Model 1911, a flat face trigger can make perfect sense.  It allows the same action regardless of where the trigger finger is placed vertically on the trigger.

On the other hand, triggers on Glock handguns do not slide directly to the rear like a Model 1911. The Glock’s trigger pivots on the trigger pin and moves in an arc as the trigger travels toward the rear.

The front surface of a Glock factory trigger is roughly the same radius as the arc that the trigger swings through as it travels toward the rear. This allows the force exerted on the trigger to remain 90 degrees to the face of the trigger throughout the trigger pull. This provides consistent pressure as the shot is released.

On an “after-market” flat face trigger, the angle changes as the trigger swings through its travel. This produces a different angle at the end of the trigger pull compared to the beginning of the trigger pull.

We have tested “after-market” triggers from several manufacturers. We have found the results to be mostly undesirable.  In some cases, the intended function is compromised. These results are due to changes made by the “after-market” manufacturer and how far they have strayed from the original factory design.  Some of these manufacturers claim to be 100% OEM. We assure you that they are not.

Glock does not make a flat face trigger.  GlockTriggers.com takes pride in offering our customers a trigger produced with 100% OEM parts. This sets us apart in the industry and maintains the legendary reliability that has made Glock such a success.  This same standard of reliability applies to all our products and has earned our reputation as an industry leader.

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Skimmer vs Guardian Trigger System

Skimmer vs. Guardian Trigger Comparison

Comparing the Skimmer and Guardian Duty/Carry Trigger Systems: Which One is Right for You?

Both the Skimmer and Guardian duty/carry trigger systems have been in use by responsible armed citizens and several local and government law enforcement agencies across the country for nearly a decade.

For those who go into harms way in order to keep us safe, it is essential that they have the equipment that enables them to reliably and accurately deliver hits when the shot counts.

The Skimmer and Guardian duty/carry trigger systems are both manufactured with 100% Glock OEM parts that are refined and polished for the smoothest operation possible and include Glock OEM springs for reliability.

While the Guardian Trigger System has the same travel as the factory trigger and is perfect for law enforcement applications where SOP’s dictate that there cannot be any reduction in trigger travel, The Skimmer features a non-adjustable pre-travel reduction modification that eliminates nearly half of the take-up experienced at the beginning of the trigger pull.

Our unique pre-travel modification featured on the Skimmer trigger system reduces pre-shot muzzle movement allowing the operator to have greater control and enhanced accuracy.

Many of our customers have reported instant improvements in their accuracy after installing our trigger systems, giving them the confidence that they are able to effectively use their Glock handgun responding to the threat with the speed and precision needed in a critical situation.

The Skimmer and Guardian trigger systems include a polished Glock OEM ‘minus’ connector installed for a crisp, clean break and reduction in trigger weight. Both models are also available with the option of a 5.5# ‘standard’ connector if the factory weight trigger pull is desired.

When the shot counts you can rely on the consistency, reliability, and increase in accuracy offered by The Skimmer and Guardian duty/carry trigger systems.

Vogel vs Guardian Competition Trigger

Vogel vs. Edge Trigger Systems

Comparing our Top Competition Triggers: Which One is Best For You?

In the quest to find that single piece of gear that will give them that “Edge” over the competition, many of our customers find themselves making a decision between The Vogel and The Edge trigger systems. 

The Vogel and The Edge competition trigger systems are both produced using Glock OEM parts that are hand refined and polished to a mirror finish. Both trigger systems feature an over-travel reduction modification which can be adjusted by the user with the supplied allen key and a full set of 4.0, 4.5, and 5.0 pound Wolff reduced power firing pin springs allowing you to tailor the trigger pull weight to your ammo and shooting style.  The enhanced control and shorter reset of these competition trigger systems will give you the ability to deliver faster, more accurate hits on target.

The difference between the two systems is that while The Vogel has the same pre-travel as the Glock factory trigger, The Edge has our proprietary pre-travel reduction modification eliminating nearly half of the take-up experienced at the beginning of the trigger pull making it ready to go as soon as your sights are on target.

Both models are approved by USPSA and IDPA for use in ALL divisions and are a great choice for any sport shooting activities.

With the reduced pre-travel and adjustable over-travel of the Edge trigger system it has the shortest travel of all the triggers in our line up.

Both trigger systems are intended for competition and range use only. Our competition trigger systems are not recommended for duty, carry, or any other critical application.

So if you are ready to take your competition shooting to the next level with an increase of speed and accuracy, get your Vogel or Edge trigger system today.